Lorne Carmichael

Professor of Economics
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Department of Economics
Dunning Hall
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6

Office: (613) 533-6257
Fax: (613) 533-6668
E-mail: carmykle@econ.queensu.ca
Recent Publications
  • Book Review "In Pursuit of Prestige: Strategy and Competition in US Higher Education, Dominic J Brewer, Susan M Gates, and Charles A Goldman, Journal of Economic Literature forthcoming
  • "A Bicameral Model of Economic Decisionmaking," in Paul Viminitz (ed.) Narrowing the Gap between Ideal and Real World Agents, Kluwer Academic Press, forthcoming.

  • "Social Dynamics," Review of Income and Wealth 48(2) June 2002, pages 261-67.

  • "Tenure Promotes Honest Hiring," Policy Options 22(10) December 2001, pages 10-14.

  • "Worker Cooperation and the Ratchet Effect," with W. Bentley Macleod, Journal of Labor Economics, January 2000, pages 1-19.(This paper won the H. Gregg Lewis prize for the best paper in the Journal of Labor Economics for 2000 and 2001.)

  • "Restructuring the University System: What Level of Public Support," Canadian Public Policy 25(1), March 1999, pages 133-140.

  • "Fighting for Turf in an Internal Labour Market," in Isao Ohashi and Toshiaki Tachibanaki (eds.), Internal Labour Markets, Incentives, and Employment. (Macmillan Press, London, 1998), pages 81-97.

  • "Gift Giving and the Evolution of Cooperation," with Bentley W. MacLeod, International Economic Review, 38(3), August 1997, pages 485-509.

  • "Multiskilling, Technical Change and the Japanese Firm," with Bentley W. MacLeod, Economic Journal, 103(416), January 1993, pages 142-60.

Recent Working Papers