The Alan G. Green Memorial Fund
for Economic History at Queen's

Alan Green died on November 3, in Kingston, Ontario, at the age of 78. In his memory, and on behalf of Alan's family, friends, colleagues, and students, the Department of Economics at Queen's University is establishing the Alan G. Green Memorial Fund to support research and teaching in economic history.

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Alan Green leaves behind a stronger University, a better Economics Department, and a richer community of Canadian economic historians. He inspired us by showing through act and declaration the importance of high standards, and he demonstrated that the entire enterprise can be fun.

The Alan G. Green Memorial Fund for Economic History at Queen's will be a lasting tribute to Alan Green that will prove of great value to students and faculty members in economic history. Resources provided by the Fund will:

  • contribute to the cost of workshops and conferences in economic history
  • support graduate students who are working on topics in economic history
  • help defray the costs of offering courses in economic history at all levels
  • be used to acquire books and other research materials
  • pay part of the research costs of faculty and graduate students.

Alan had a great many friends, colleagues, and students. We hope that all of them will contribute to the Alan G. Green Memorial Fund.

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