Amy Hongfei Sun

Associate Professor, RBC Fellow
Department of Economics
Queen’s University
Dunning Hall, Room 309
94 University Avenue
Kingston, ON, Canada, K7L 3N6
Phone:  +1 613-533-2267
Fax:  +1 613-533-6668

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Curriculum Vitae

·       CV

Research Interests

·       Macroeconomics, Monetary and Financial Economics

with a recent focus on banking, housing and firm financing


·       The Role of Search Frictions in the Long-Run Relationship between Inflation,
  Unemployment and Capital,” with Pedro Gomis-Porqueras and Stella Huangfu,
  European Economic Review 123, April 2020, 103396.

·        Monetary and Fiscal Policies in a Heterogeneous-Agent Economy,”

   with Chenggang Zhou, Canadian Journal of Economics 51(3), 747-783, 2018.

·       Search, Liquidity, and the Dynamics of House Prices and Construction,”

   with Allen Head and Huw Lloyd-Ellis, American Economic Review 104(4), 1172-1210, 2014.

·       A Monetary Theory with Non-Degenerate Distributions,”

   with Guido Menzio and Shouyong Shi, Journal of Economic Theory 148, 2266-2312, 2013.

·       Private Money and Bank Runs,”

   with Stella Huangfu, Canadian Journal of Economics 44(3), 859-879, 2011.

·       Money, Markets and Dynamic Credit,”

   Macroeconomic Dynamics 15(S1), 42-61, 2011.

·       Aggregate Uncertainty, Money and Banking,”

   Journal of Monetary Economics 54(7), 1929-1948, 2007.

Research Papers

·       Information Transparency of Firm Financing,”

  with Antoine L. Noël, 2021.

·       “Home Types, Swinging Construction and Housing Prices,”

   with Shaofeng Xu, 2021.

·       A Macroeconomic Theory of Banking Oligopoly,”

   with Mei Dong, Stella Huangfu and Chenggang Zhou, latest version: 2021.

·       Default, Mortgage Standards and Housing Liquidity,”

   with Allen Head and Chenggang Zhou, 2020.

Work in Progress

·       “Banking, Real Estate and Monetary Policy,”

   with Ayse Sapci.

·       “Intergenerational Savings,”

   with Brant Abbott, Meng Miao and Nam Van Phan.

·       “Interest Rate Pass-Through and Monetary Policy,”

   with Jason Allen and Ludovic Auger.

·       “Corporate Bonds,”

   with Chengjie Diao and Evan Dudley.